Best PHYSICS FORMULA SHEET For High School Students [PDF]

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Physics Formula Sheet Class 11 & 12 (Covered All Formulas)
Quality: High Quality Pages A4 size
Format: PDF
Pages: Colored (Aesthetic Formula sheet)
Length: 40 Pages

Exam Level: A Level High School Grade/Year 11 & 12 | AP Physics | NEET | IIT JEE (World’s toughest exam)

Topics: Grade 11 – Physical Constant, Measurement and Vectors, Kinematics of a Body, Work, Energy and Power, Rigid Body Dynamics, Gravitation, Properties of Matter, Heat and Thermodynamics, Oscillations and Waves
Grade 12 – Physical Constant, Electricity and Magnetism, AC Circuits, Light and Optics, Modern Physics; Atoms & Nuclei, Semiconductors, Communication System

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Looking for comprehensive and visually stunning study materials to ace your High School and competitive Physics exams? Look no further than our collection of Aesthetic Study Notes, covering all the essential topics equations and formulas in Physics Formula Sheet / Revision Sheet / Physics  Cheat sheet pdf Class / Grade 11 12.

Topics Include in JEE | NEET 2024 Physics Formula Sheet / Cheat Sheet Grade 11 & 12 High School PDF:

➔ Physical Constant
➔ Measurement and Vectors
➔ Kinematics of a Body
➔ Work, Energy and Power
➔ Rigid Body Dynamics
➔ Gravitation
➔ Properties of Matter
➔ Heat and Thermodynamics
➔ Oscillations and Waves
➔ Physical Constant
➔ Electricity and Magnetism
➔ AC Circuits
➔ Light and Optics
➔ Modern Physics; Atoms & Nuclei
➔ Semiconductors
➔ Communication System

All Important Formulas covered like gravitational potential energy formula, kinematics formulas, gravitational force formula, power formula physics etc…


✔️ Covered all important topics with clear and easiest explanation
✔️ These notes will help you to achieve A* in High school Physics Grade 11 and 12 | A level | NEET  (Medical entrance exam) | IIT JEE (World’s toughest exam)
✔️ Includes Handmade diagrams
✔️ Super colorful and aesthetic study notes
✔️ High Quality (HD) Scanned pages PDF
✔️ All stuff in well design manner
✔️ Includes Tables, Charts, Diagrams etc…to memories easily
✔️ Colored notes will help you to make interest and keep focus for a Long Time
✔️ Covered all important points, equations, formulas etc… for Physics Grade 11 & 12
✔️ Latest notes for Upcoming exams 2024
✔️ Absolutely wonderful resource! you’ll getting so engaged with the lessons that accompanied these notes.

Beautifully handwritten, concise, and easy to follow Comprehensive guide for high school Physics grade 11th. Its Absolutely incredible notes to use for reviewing concepts, everything in depth.


Highly recommend these Formula sheets for anyone studying A Level Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics, NEET, IIT JEE, or similar high school Physics courses for 11th and 12th grade. These notes are not like regular books; they are specially crafted with a touch of magic in our handwritten, colorful format. I strongly advise you to use these beautiful notes for your studies.



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Thank you for visiting NewtonDesk shop! I hope you find these notes useful and help you to achieve success in your Physics Courses or examinations.

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13 reviews for Best PHYSICS FORMULA SHEET For High School Students [PDF]

  1. Christine

    wow….Excellent work.. I’ve ordered. Should be in library. As a physics tutor I find these study materials very helpful! Every pic is a piece of physics art! And the price is not high for this great work! Thank you!

  2. Ishan Saklani

    Without a doubt a great job!!! Everything perfect …

  3. Ananya Dean

    WOW!!!!!!!!! What an amazing formula sheet! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that I found you and your creative visual outline. IT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!

  4. Aarav Sangwan

    I love this formula cheat sheet! It’s extremely helpful for me as a new aesthetic assistant to learn more physics equations!

  5. Tejas Naik

    This one is very good and superb.. I can learn easily the formula and memorise them. It is so comfortable because the way of represent is awesom, its very difficult for me to make these kind of cheat sheet…and you make available for us.. this one is so amazing.

  6. Elfia Rose

    it’s great for a quick revision. This helps me to study for both mains and boards. A very thankful to all the members of newtondesk . I surely recommend it to others

  7. Y.Yamini

    Must buy it’s so much easy to study for compitative exams ????????????

  8. Shanna

    Love this nots the perfect cheat sheet

  9. Pihu Negi

    Very helpful formula sheet, Great for revision

  10. Kasimir Menuey

    My experience was so smooth because these formula sheet provide me a lot of pure and well knowledge with fast revision. nice notes

  11. Hahna Derambakhsh

    I have liked it because it helped me pass my grade 12 examinations and it helps me knowing more things than before. i am also using newtondesk App for access other subjects. thankyou for providing such kind of study stuff for learning.

  12. Niranjana Freiboth

    I’m impressed as a hobbyist level physicis i really enjoy reviewing what I’ve gained a solid understanding of and I find it valuable as a quick learning.

  13. Karan

    its good and very helpful…

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Physics formula sheet for high school grade 11 12 pdfBest PHYSICS FORMULA SHEET For High School Students [PDF]
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