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Chemistry Length: 1247 Pages

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Exam Level: A Level High School Grade 11 & 12 | NEET Medical Entrance | IIT JEE (World’s Toughest exam)

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Topics Include in Physics and Chemistry (JEE NEET) Notes PDF:

Physics (JEE NEET) Notes PDF Chemistry (JEE NEET) Notes PDF
➔ Vectors & Scalers
➔ Kinematics
➔ Projectile Motion
➔ Circular Motion
➔ Laws of Motion
➔ Friction
➔ Work, Power & Energy
➔ Power
➔ Conservation of Momentum
➔ Collision
➔ Rotational Mechanics
➔ Fluids
➔ Gravitation
➔ Simple Harmonic Motion
➔ Elasticity
➔ Heat & Thermodynamics
➔ Calorimetry
➔ Thermodynamics
➔ Waves & Sounds
➔ Capacitors
➔ Current Electricity
➔ Electrostatics
➔ Properties of Conductors
➔ Capacitors
➔ Dielectric
➔ Current Electricity
➔ Electrical Instruments
➔ Magnetics
➔ Electro Magnetic Induction
➔ Wave Optics
➔ Geometrical Optics
➔ Modern Physics (Bohr’s Model, Photo electric effect, X-rays, Moseley’s Law, Radioactivity, nuclear Reactions)
➔ Semiconductor Electronics
➔ Error Analysis
➔ Human Eye
➔ Solids & Semiconductors
➔ Logic Gate
➔ Communication System
➔ Atomic Structure (Dalton’s Atomic Theory, Cathode Ray Exp., Representation of Atom, Atomic Models, Spectrum, Atomic Orbitals)
➔ Equilibrium (Chemical Equ., Ionic Equ., Temperature, Salt, Solubility, Buffer Solutions)
➔ Thermodynamics (Properties, Process, Laws of Thermodynamics, Laws of Thermochemistry)
➔ Redox (Oxidation & Reduction, Redox Reaction)
➔ Vital Force Theory
➔ Carbon Profile
➔ Homologous Series
➔ Carbon Profile
➔ IUPAC Nomenclature
➔ General Organic Chemistry (Inductive Effect, Resonance, Aromaticity,)
➔ General Organic Chemistry II (Oximercuration Demercuration Reaction)
➔ Hydrocarbons
➔ Periodic Table
➔ Modern Periodic Table
➔ Electronegativity
➔ Chemical Bonding
➔ P-Block

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Beautifully handwritten, concise, and easy to follow Comprehensive guide for high school Physics and chemistry. Its Absolutely incredible notes to use for reviewing concepts, everything in depth.


Highly recommend these notes for anyone taking A Level | JEE | NEET and equivalent and equivalent to High School Junior & Senior 11th & 12th Grade Physics & Chemistry courses. Unlike reading from books, there is a magic to reading from our handwritten (handmade) colored notes. We highly recommend you to do study with these aesthetic notes.



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physics and chemistry study notes pdf for jee neetBest Physics & Chemistry Prime Notes PDF (JEE | NEET | A Level)
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