Complete Biology Aesthetic Notes Bundle (Special Edition) [PDF]

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Complete Biology Bundle (Special Edition) | Aesthetic Study Notes | for High School HSC Junior Grade 11 & Senior 12, IB, AP | Printable PDF Download

Product: Biology Study Notes Bundle PDF
Quality: High Quality Pages A4 size
Format: PDF (Printable)
Pages: Colored
Length: 1754 Pages

Exam Level: As & A Level Biology | High School Junior Grade/Year 11th & Senior Grade/Year 12th | AP | IB Biology Core HL

Covered all important Biology definitions, Include detailed explanations with problems from basic to advanced.

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Discover top-quality Biology notes designed for students in the UK, USA, CA. Our aesthetic handwritten study notes cover various levels of exams, including AP Biology, IB Biology, As & A Level, and high school (HSC). Whether you’re in class 11 12 or college, these notes are tailored to your needs. Explore a comprehensive collection of biology materials, including Infographs and study guides. Perfect for students in the UK, USA looking for High School & MCAT Entrance education support and excel in your studies.

Topics Include in Biology Notes PDF:

The Living World (Biodiversity, Classification, Three domain of Life, Taxonomy & Systematics, Concept of species and Taxonomic Hierarchy, Binomial nomenclature, Tools for study of Taxonomy and more)
Biological Classification (Five kingdom classification, History, Kingdom of Monera, Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Fungi)
Plant Kingdom (Classification, Algae, Bryophyta, Gymnospermae, Angiospermae, Characteristic differentiation, Plant life cycle & Alternation of Generation)
Animal Kingdom (Basis of Classification, Classification of Animals, Salient features of different phyla in Animal kingdom)

Morphology of Flowering Plants (Root, Stem, Leaf, Inflorescence, Flower, Fruit, Seed, Fabaceae, Solanaceae, Liliaceae, Gramineae and more)
Anatomy of Flowering Plants (Tissue, Tissue system, Anatomy of Dicot & Monocot plants, Anatomy of leaves, Secondary growth and more)
Structural Organisation in Animals (Animal tissues, Organ & organ system)

Cell: The Unit of Life (Cell theory, Prokaryotic cell, Eukaryotic cell (Plant cell, Animal cell, Plasma membrane, Cell wall), Cell Organelles, Endomembrane System and more)
Biomolecules and Enzymes
Cell Cycle and Cell Division (Mitosis, Meiosis)

Transport in Plants (Direction of Transport, Cell to cell Transport, Plant water relation, Long distance transport of water, Transpiration, Uptake & Translation of Mineral Nutrients)
Mineral Nutrition (Methods to study mineral requirements of Plants, Essential mineral elements, deficiency symptoms of essential elements, Mineral Toxicity, Mechanism of elements absorption, Translocation of mineral ions, Metabolism of Nitrogen)
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants (Photosynthesis as a means of Autotrophic nutrition, Historic account, Place of Photosynthesis, Pigments involved in Photosynthesis, Mechanism of Photosynthesis, Photorespiration, Factors affecting photosynthesis)
Respiration in Plants (Do Plants Breathe, Exchange of Gases, Cellular Respiration, Respiratory balance sheet, Amphibolic Pathway, Respiratory quotient)
Plant-Growth and Development (Germination of Seed, Growth, Differentiation, Dedifferentiation and Redifferentiation, Development, Plant growth regulation, Seed Dormancy, Flowering)

Digestion and Absorption (Digestive system, Digestion of food, Absorption of Digested food, Disorders of Digestive system)
Breathing and Respiration (Respiratory organs, Human Respiratory system, Mechanism of Breathing, Exchange of Gases, Transport of Gases, Regulation of Respiration, Respiratory disorders)
Body Fluids and Circulation (Blood, Lymph, Circulatory pathway, Double circulation)
Excretory Products and their Elimination (Human excretory system, Urine formation, Mechanism of concertation of Filtrate, Regulation of Kidney function, Micturition, Role of other organs in excretion, Disorder of Excretory system)
Locomotion and Movement  (Types of movement, Muscles, Skeletal system, Joints, Disorders of skeletal & Muscular system)
Neural (Nervous) Control and Coordination (Neural / Nervous system, Human Nervous system, Neuron as structural & Functional unit of neural system, Central nervous system, Peripheral nervous system, Reflex action & reflex arc, Sensory organs, Disorders of nervous system & senses organs)
Chemical Coordination and Integration (Human Endocrine system, Hormones secreted from Non-Endocrine Glans, Mechanism of Hormone action)

Reproduction in Organism (Modes of Reproduction, Asexual Reproduction, Types of Sexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction)
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants (Development of Male & Female Gametophytes, Pollination, Out Breeding Devices, Pollen-Pistil Interaction, Double Fertilization, Post Fertilization events, Special modes of fruit formation, Significance of seed and fruit formation)
Human Reproduction (Male Reproduction system, Female reproduction system, Microscopic Anatomy of Testis and Ovary, Gametogenesis, Menstrual cycle, Fertilization to Implantation, Pregnancy and Placenta formation, Parturition, Lactation)
Reproductive Health (Birth control, Amino Centesis, Infertility & Assisted Reproductive Technologies)

Heredity and Variation (Some genetical term, Heredity and Its Transmission, Polygenic Inheritance, Chromosomes, Genes, Sex Determination, Linkage & Crossing over, Sex linked Inheritance, Mendelian disorder in Human, Chromosomal disorders)
Molecular Basis of Inheritance (Search for Genetic material, DNA as A Genetic Material, Nucleic Acids, DNA, RNA, DNA Packaging, DNA Replication, Central Dogma, Transcription, Genetic code, Translation, Gene Expression & Regulation, Human Genome project, DNA finger printing)
Evolution – Origin of Life  (Theories for Origin of Life, Chemical evolution, Biological evolution, Evidence of Biological evolution, Theories of Biological evolution, Natural selection, Reproductive Isolation, Speciation, Mimicry, Gene flow, Genetic drift, Hardy-Weinberg Principle, Adaptive Radiation, Human Evolution)

Human Health and Diseases (Basic concept of Immunology, Cancer, HIV & AIDS, Adolescence, Drug & Alcohol Abuse)
Improvement in Food Production (Introduction, Apiculture & Animal Husbandry)
Microbes in Human Welfare (Microbes in Household food Production, in Industrial Production, in Sewage Treatment, in Biogas Production, as Biocontrol Agents, As Biofertilizers)

Biotechnology – Principles and Processes
Biotechnology and its Applications (Green Biotechnology, Red Biotechnology, White/Grey Biotechnology, Blue Biotechnology)
Biosafety issues, Biopiracy & Patents on GMO

Organisms and Populations (Organism & It’s environment, Population & Ecological Adaptation, Population Interaction, Population Attributes)
Ecosystem (Types of Ecosystem, Component of Ecosystem, Productivity, Decomposition, Energy flow, Pyramid of Ecosystem, Nutrient cycle, Ecological succession, Nutrient cycle, Ecological services)
Biodiversity and Its Conservation (Concept of Biodiversity, Number of Species on Earth, Number of Species on Earth, Pattern of Biodiversity, Importance of Biodiversity, Loss of Biodiversity, Loss of Biodiversity, Biodiversity conservation, Hot spots, Endangered species & Red data book)
Environmental Issues (Air pollution & their Effects, Noise Pollution, Water Pollution & It’s Control, Agrochemicals & their effects, Solid waste management, Radioactive waste management, Greenhouse effect & Global warming, Ozone Depletion, Deforestation, Special point)


Detail Description
Looking for comprehensive and visually stunning study materials to ace your High School and competitive Biology  exams? Look no further than our collection of Aesthetic Study Notes, covering all the essential topics in Biology.

These Biology Notes comprehensively cover all essential biology definitions, providing detailed explanations and a wide range of problems. We address concepts from fundamental to advanced, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter.”

Whether you’re a student striving for excellence or a dedicated teacher, our NewtonDesk study guide is your path to deep subject understanding. It’s your ticket to success in your High School Program.


✔️ Covered all important topics with clear and easiest explanation
✔️ These notes will help you to achieve AA* in Biology, whether you’re studying A Level, AP, or HSC in 11th and 12th grade.
✔️ Includes Handmade diagrams
✔️ Super colorful and aesthetic study notes
✔️ High Quality (HD) Scanned pages PDF format
✔️ All stuff in well design manner
✔️ Includes Tables, Charts, Diagrams and more…to memories easily
✔️ Colored notes will help you to make interest and keep focus for a Long Time
✔️ Covers all important definitions or discoveries etc… for Biology
✔️ Latest notes for Upcoming exams 2024
✔️ Absolutely wonderful resource! that will keep you thoroughly engaged with the lessons accompanied by these notes..

Beautifully handwritten, concise, and easy to follow Comprehensive guide for high school Biology. Its Absolutely incredible notes to use for reviewing concepts, everything in depth.


Highly recommend these notes for anyone taking As & A Level, AP Biology or their equivalent in High School for Junior and Senior year, 11th and 12th-grade Biology courses in UK, US. Unlike reading from textbooks, there’s something magic about studying from our handwritten  (handmade) colored notes. We highly recommend studying with these aesthetically study notes.



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Thank you for visiting NewtonDesk shop! I hope you find these notes useful and help you to achieve A* (A star) in your Biology Courses or examinations.

Unlock the world of Biology with our comprehensive study notes tailored for UK and USA students. Dive into essential topics in Biology bundle, including Cell structure & function, Plant physiology, Human physiology, Reproduction, Genetics & Evolution, Reproduction, Biotechnology and more. With our study materials or resources, you’ll get clarity in IB, AP Bio, MCAT to power up your understanding of Biology reactions and definitions.

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  1. Elissa Baker

    Great notes. Easy to read and understand. Very user friendly. Love that you can download them and use them offline. Helped me to get a high score on my test! Highly recommend!

  2. Caitin Corrigan

    Very well detailed compared to all other biology bundles. Everything you will need for exams , mcat!

  3. Emily Reichard

    Hello Newton! I just want to personally thank you because you have made my studying for high school more manageable, fun, and your notes are spot on! Your notes are easy to understand and spot on for my IB program. You are super generous with your notes and the figure you draw are fantastic! I can truly see all the hard work and effort you put in because you made the notes very easy to digest and comprehend! God bless and awesome work!

  4. Georgia mcmahon

    Fantastic Notes!! Super aesthetic, Perfect for HSC & IB students!

  5. Jennifer Hill

    These are the cutest biology study guides! I love how simple they are to understand. I use them for every section of my classes to study. I love!

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