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Product: Analog Electronics (Electrical & Electronics Engg.)
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TOPICS: Introduction, Voltage Regulator, Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), FET Biasing, Multistage Amplifier, Differential Amplifier, Operational Amplifier

Exam Level: Btech | GATE | ESE/IES (UPSC) | FE (NCEES)

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Topics Include in Analog Electronics (DE) Notes PDF:
➔ Introduction (Basics of Analog Electronic Circuit, Rectifier Circuit, Filters).
➔ Voltage Regulator (Zener Diode, Clippers Circuit, Clamper Circuits, Voltage Tripler).
➔ Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) (Procedure to find Region of Operation of BJT and to calculate Stability Factor, BJT Biasing, Voltage reference, Inductor & LC filter, Compensation Methods, Amplifiers).
➔ FET Biasing (FET Biasing, JFET Biasing, MOSFET Biasing, Voltage divider bias circuit, Analysis of FET Amplifiers, Active load in MOSFET IC Amplifiers, CMOS inverter).
➔ Multistage Amplifier (Cascading, Loading effect, Special multistage amplifier, Bootstrap Biasing, Darlington pair, Cascode Amplifier, Types of Amplifier & Distortion, Feedback Amplifier, Types of Feedback, Tuned amplifier, Power Amplifier).
➔ Differential Amplifier (Emitter coupled differential amplifier, Analysis of differential amplifier).
➔ Operational Amplifier (Properties ideal operational Amplifier, Applications of Op-Amp, Inverting & Non Inverting Amplifier, I to V Convertor, V to I Convertor, Instrumentational Amplifier, LOG amplifier, Analog Amplifier, Multiplier, Precision half wave rectifier, Sample & hold circuit, Active filters, Low pass filters, High pass filters, Band pass filters, Band stop filter, All pass filter, Positive feedback Applications, IC 555 timer, Oscillators).

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analog electronics handwritten notes pdfAnalog Electronics Color Handwritten Notes [PDF]
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